Green Family Ranch

Our Story

cropped-moooooo1.jpgMy wife and I entered into raising Scottish Highlanders because we had heard great things about their excellent browsing capabilities.  My wife Laurie remembers me spending countless hours down on our property trying to keep ahead of the brushy vegetation, when we learned that the Scottish Highlander cattle actually ate brush we both perked our ears up and listened!

We were encouraged to think that there was a beef animal that we could actually eat and that ate brush, plus they were known to be very lean since there outer coat of long hair kept them warm in the winter thus negating the need to have a large outer coat of fat as with many other beef varieties of cattle.

We started out buying two then three then a bull, before long our place began to look like a park, my wife and I were truly amazed at how well these animals browsed.

I was also pleased at their disposition, these animals have long horns and I didn’t want some animal goring me while I’m out tending to the land, I have yet to even be nudged by one of them, we all respect them though.

We also noticed that there is a definite ‘pecking’ order but that doesn’t seem to transcend to the humans that are taking care of them.

We are now looking into showing our cattle at the local fairs and doing our best to maintain or improve the breed where we see fit.

We also have developed some great relationships by being members of the Northwest Highlander Cattle Association. We have found that the people within the organization truly care about us and anyone that joins and are willing to give the shirt off their back to help you when you are in need or even just have a simple question.

We are truly blessed by God to have these fine animals and look forward to cultivating some rich times of fellowship and raising some of what we feel are the finest cattle in North America.


Michael J. and Laurie A. Green

NWHCA Board Member

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