Green Family Ranch

Buy Beef


A very heart felt thanks to all of you who bought beef from Green family ranch this year!


At Green Family Ranch we are committed to raising only the finest Scottish Highland Cattle and with that comes some of what we believe to be the finest beef in the industry.  We only feed our cattle green grass and hay, we are also  looking into supplementing Barley Fodder with hay in the winter season. By only using grass and green vegetation it reduces the amount of ecoli into the cows digestive system and also changes the fat to omega 3 (yellow in color) instead of omega 6 (white in color) which is so prevalent in feed lot cattle.  The Highland Cattle are also very lean since there outer coat of thick hair keeps them warm in the winter verses a thick layer of fat which is found on most domestic cattle.

Our cattle are humanely treated and humanely slaughtered.  We prefer to have our cattle rendered at the ranch to ease the stress on the animal .

We have choices of several butchers in the area and have one USDA certified butcher.  Most render onsite but some require the animal to be on there site for rendering.  When ordering please specify if you have a butcher of preference.

If you are interested in trying some beef please fill out the form with specific cuts and submit it.  For our current year (2013) we are charging $ 3.25 per hanging weight plus cut, wrap, and kill fee. (Our prices are subject to change if production or butchering costs change).  We currently have some smaller cattle to butcher that have a lower hanging weight around 250lbs. so make sure to figure this in on your order.(more to come)


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