Green Family Ranch

Our Cattle

Here at Green Family Ranch we trying to improve on this great breed of cattle.  We continually strive to keep our cattle healthy and well fed.  They are all like a part of the family to us.  All of our cattle are either Registered with the American Highland Cattle Assoc. or are able to be.  We strive to look for good genetics and good conformation when we breed our stock.  We are always looking for better ways to manage our cattle and give them the highest quality feed and care.  Our cattle are only grass fed and are on open pasture from late spring to late fall or until the ground gets too muddy, at that time they are put on our winter pasture and switch to being fed grass hay.  Please feel free to look at the pictures and click on each picture to get a full screen shot.

Pictured below is our herd Sire Talisker .  He is a long bodied brindle and a very gentle giant that loves to be combed.  Our son has actually ridden on his back while Talisker just stood there!

Below Talisker is Tranquil Star.  She is a long bodied brindle also that has delivered several award winning calves.  She has been pasture exposed to Bitterroot sky’s Dirty Harry so we are hoping for a calf in March or April.


















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