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New Gallagher solar fence charger

I have been blessed by my neighbors that have just as much acreage as we do but do not have animals to keep the grass and brush down.  They have been kind enough to let us graze our animals on their property.  I did not want to put a permanent fence in so I am installing a temporary one with this battery/solar powered fence charger by the folks down in Australia….. Gallagher.

I have used one inexpensive hand truck from Harbor Freight, two golf cart batteries ( hooked in series for 12v), one B180 gallagher fence charger and One gallagher solar panel.

Gallagher B180 battery powered fence charger with solar panel

Gallagher B180 battery powered fence charger with solar panel

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Welcome to the Green Family Ranch!

Welcome to our website! The Green Family Ranch takes pride in breeding high quality Scottish Highlander Cattle!  We are committed to using good genetic stock and building our line of cattle to meet ‘show’ quality standards.  

Highland cattle are not only beautiful animals took look at and be around but are also known to make some of the finest beef in the country.  We are pleased to offer some of this high quality beef, please click the ‘buy beef’ tab at the top of the page if you are interested. 

If you are a Scottish Highlander Cattle fan or if you would like to learn more we would love to share our passion for the cattle and the beef they produce! (Can you tell we are proud of the beef we raise?)

This website is still in the creative process–so bear with us and keep checking back with us, please.

You can find our story under the “About” tab.

Green Family Ranch Mike and son